Walkmans and CD players are now technologies of the past, nowadays people are uploading and listening to digital music on their Ipods. Music is a huge part of many peoples daily lives, and the Ipod has single-handedly revolutionized the way many of us listen to our favorite tunes.

It was over 40 years ago that the lives of four young men began to change the face of the history of portuguese music. Each had their individual quirks and personalities, probably the most notable was that of John Lennon. John was incredibly insightful and almost prophetic with his zeal to bring “peace” to the earth. He never seemed to be afraid to say what he felt and was very confident in his beliefs. He is sorely missed. John’s famous, “Give peace a chance!”, was his heartfelt cry to humanity to stop all war and live in peace. Ironically, this man of peace was shot down in his prime. Why does it seem that those with a peaceful message are often violently silenced? He was taken from us too soon. As Bernie Taupin wrote and Elton John so aptly sang, “It’s funny how one insect can damage so much grain.”.

Dave: I got into a big argument with a girl at one venue who said that we shouldn’t promote rape. I told her that if she reads a Stephen King book, is he promoting murdering your family? But we’re in paper 3-D glasses so don’t take us too seriously. If you listen to The Ramones or The Misfits, they have songs about beating your girlfriend. The list goes on. It’s retarded.

Kiwi Jobs are probably the quickest way to earn points and you do so by applying for the job you are interested in. There are 6 jobs to choose from: Advisor, Kiwi Helper, Kiwi Scout, News Teamer, Reporter, or Street Teamer. Kiwi Jobs are perfect for teens who want to work, but don’t really have any bills to pay for. Instead of having to get dropped off at a boring job, they can stay home and cover topics that they are interested in while earning cool prizes. You could earn enough points to get a PlayStation 3 (worth 600,000 points)!

Budget is one of the main considerations in planning corporate events. You will have to consult your company and set a preliminary budget for the event. Fortunately, there are cheap party venues London that can provide quality service without the expensive bill.

When Spider man started a few years ago, every boy was so much into this superhero, including my son of course. The fire of interest sort of died a bit, but for some reason, he is so much into Spider man again. So we both came up with this special game of trivia about the two Spider man films (with Tobey Maguire as the lead). So while walking, we would take turns in asking questions about the characters, the plot, even some catchy lines from both movies. To make things more interesting, he has added features of the Play station game of Spider man to our set of trivia questions.

Exercise together. My son usually has sports outside. My husband would also take him along when he plays tennis or basketball. I got him a dance mat, the kind that you would attach to your TV set. You have to follow the dance steps by hitting on the arrows on the mat. He likes it if we dance together. Only one person at a time could use the mat, so if he is on it doing his grooves, I follow the steps even just on the floor. He gives me my turn so I make him dance next to me on the floor while I am on the mat. It is just fun time for us.

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