One of the coolest New Year’s Celebrations of any culture on Earth has to be that of the Hmong People. This celebration goes on for several days and has so many components that it would be easy for someone to forget them all, if they had not lived them. You should study up on the Hmong New Year’s Celebrations! Of course, this is only one of many customs that the culture is known for.

Secular thought doesn’t help us much with understanding our identity.” The universe is nothing but a collection of atoms in motion, human beings are simply machines for propagating DNA,” says atheist professor Richard Dawkins, straying outside his specialty area of biology.

Ok, this all sounds pretty strange but I refer to readers to Michael Perry’s ‘The Easter Enigma’ in which many modern day accounts of dead people being seen ‘in the flesh’ by living people are presented.

This is an important concept in not only Buddhist and Hindu space news, but also in the Jain religion. The mountain is said to 1,082,000 kilometers high, or 85 times the Earth’s diameter. In Buddhism, however, it is called Sumeru and is much smaller (ranging between 5-12 kilometers long), but its purpose is the same. Angkor Wat was designed with the concept of Mount Meru in mind as well as Prambanan temple in Java, Indonesia.According to legend, just about nothing is greater than Mount Meru because it is the center of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.

I believe that in order to bring peace on earth we need to understand the nature and modus operandi of violence. Darkness is only the veil of pain that the light sometimes hides behind.

They say we must be crazy to believe in God… I say, anyone who has this kind of evidence of God’s fingerprints everywhere around them, in them, on them, and permeating every possible facet of their little lives and still doesn’t believe, now that’s crazy… and sad… and inspires our mission to teach all that much more. “For faith without works is dead.” Our teaching others is our work. There is no Christian cruise control.

Om jewelry is very popular in Tibet, India, and Nepal, and it is gradually becoming more and more popular in the west as well. To wear om symbol jewelry means that the person wearing it is interested in Buddhism, or Hunduism, or that they understand what the ‘om’ symbol means. If you are interested in purchasing Tibetan om jewelry, or jewelry with the om symbol, please go to our Tibetan jewelry section.