There have been a few reported cases of the same pages being in Google’s index 2 or more times because they were linked to with different cases (ie.: /ABC.htm, /abc.htm, /Abc.htm) – see this post.

Well the short answer is Yes, but firstly it is important to choose which keywords to get at the top for. It is easy to get at the top for many long tail keywords and ones that get hardly any traffic. What you need in you SEO is to aim at keywords which get the most traffic. Impossible you might think; I am a relatively new company, I will never make it to the top of Google for the most popular keywords in my industry. Well despite what most SEO companies tell you it is possible to get to the top of Google for any keyword you want, in just a few months.

What do you think this business man was doing? He was Collecting Fax numbers to SEO GOOGLE Fax his Daily Specials to his diners. One of his waitresses came in early each day and send out faxes to over 50 local businesses.

If they said, “Yes! We Fax our Daily Specials and Order Form to our List of local offices!” then replied, “Hey! Terrific! I can do that FOR YOU, every day…for $20 a day…$100 a week!…it is easy to set up.

Each 2 hour meeting is filled with more “in your face” real world, proven marketing tips, secrets, and advice than most people get in a year or maybe even in a lifetime.

And that’s why garbage detection is part of the ranking equation. For example, if I click a link and hit the back button right away, Google knows it. If it happens a lot, the site that people click away from will see a drop in rankings, even if it’s done everything else right according to the “rules” of SEO.

Finally, there is Google’s Trends. This is a chart that is updated every hour. Essentially, you will find out what the hottest trends are as they happen. This is great for jumping on something that has just come out before anybody else can get to it. I’ve hopped on trends that literally had just a dozen or so competing sites and made a killing because of it…just by keeping up with the Google Trends chart.